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Oct 8, 2012 2:00am PDT
, a special panel. obama campaign senior adviser robert gibbs. former republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. hilary rosen. mike murphy. and nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. >>> and finally, what you haven't heard from arnold schwarzenegger this week. a revealing conversation with the former california governor. he talks politics and his personal failings. >> what would you like your sons to learn from your mistakes? >> i think that they're not going to make the same mistakes. >>> from nbc news in washington, "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> and good morning. one month ago, and so much to get to. i want to get right to our roundtable discussion this morning, anchored by our own mini
Oct 8, 2012 3:05am EDT
quickly the one thing i liked that he said was working across the aisle. actually president obama worked with governor schwarzenegger to refine the admission standards, which is saving a lot of fuel today. but shame on arnold schwarzenegger. he has the nerve to sit there and say that he -- you know, nothing is more important to him than his family, yet he wrote this book, you know, embarrassed his family further, and is keeping it out there on the front pages. i'm kind of appalled that he has the nerve to even suggest it matters to him. >> you worked for him. do you think he can get over this in any fashion? >> i loved the lauer interview, because he hired me the next day. look, he's a good friend of mine. so is maria. it's a tragic thing. and he made a horrible stupid mistake, which he is taking responsibility for. i'm not sure what else he can do. but what he did was really bad and he knows it. >> well, he is promoting it. >> well, people can read it and think what they think. >> people always ask me why do you love politics and all this stuff. and for better or for worse, it's because
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2